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Sadler Hayes Associates, Inc. 

We offer three healthshare plan optiions - Aliera, Altrua and Shared Health Alliance/Sedera

Remember, don’t just choose the plan that is the cheapest, find the one that works best for you and your family.

Health-sharing plans are much less expensive, generally have a lower deductible, lower annual costs and helps you share the cost with other like-minded individuals. Plus, you can avoid the penalty for not having health insurance.

But if you have chronic medical conditions, prescriptions or don’t meet the faith requirements, stick with traditional health insurance.

Affordable HealthShare Plans - How they work is simple.

Individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations contribute financially into the members’ escrow account and healthshare plans act as the neutral escrow agent for the members.

Members’ medical needs are shared according to the Membership Guidelines and escrow instructions. Members are asked to submit a monthly contribution.
Members present their Membership ID card when medical services are received and the provider submits the medical need according to the instructions on the back of the card.


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